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The Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

Wisdom, rants and raves from the best, about the best, and about the rest.

Hosted by Dr. Marco Pelosi III

Apr 2, 2020

World expert urogynecologist Neeraj Kohli MD and  founder of Harvard's division of Urogynecology at Brigham and Women's Hospital sat down with Marco Pelosi III MD for a far reaching conversation on the most promising new technologies in pelvic medicine. 

We covered so much ground and went into such a high level...

Mar 19, 2020

If you're wondering how you're going to conduct business during a pandemic, aesthetic marketing expert Catherine Maley has some great ideas.

Dr. Marco Pelosi III reached out to one of America's top experts and she delivered.

You don't need to be tech saavy. All you need is a simple plan and basic organizational...

Mar 8, 2020

Meet Ralph Zipper MD. Urogynecologist from Melbourne, Florida. Creator of Sola Therapy.

He has developed a breakthrough for the management of chronic pelvic pain. You’re going to be impressed as I was and if you suffer from chronic pelvic pain, you’re going to want to pay close attention to everything this talented...

Feb 8, 2020

Sit back and enjoy as Dr Red Alinsod, one of the pioneers of cosmetic gyn runs the gamut of his innovative career in cosmetic gynecology with Dr Marco Pelosi III.

This wide ranging discussion covers a wealth of brand new technologies including amniotic fluid, artificial skin, electromagnetics and more.

You'll also learn...

Jan 30, 2020

Physical therapy is a healthcare profession rooted in the manipulation of mind and body to promote health, to treat dysfunction and to magnify the healing power of the body frequently in conjunction with modern medicine and surgery.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is the hottest growing new field in this specialty.