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The Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

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Hosted by Dr. Marco Pelosi III

Nov 7, 2019

Dr. Michelle Owens interviews Dr. Marco Pelosi III in a reenactment of a recent media interview by RealSelf on the topic of vaginoplasty.

The original interview was a telephone conversation between Dr. Pelosi and a reporter.

The product of that exchange was an article that you can access in the links below the show notes.



What [3:47]

is a vaginoplasty?


A perineoplasty [4:40]

isn’t really a vaginoplasty.


Patients [5:29]

don’t have a clue.


Physical exam [6:30]

determines the best candidates.


Vaginoplasty [7:05]

always includes a perineoplasty as a part of the repairs.


Childbirth [7:46]

is not the only cause of a lax vagina.


Can you [8:52]

walk me through the procedure?


Marking [10:17]

is the first step in the procedure.


Rectocele [12:36]

repair is the most important part.


What [14:36]

is the recovery like?


Sex [15:42]

can be resumed in 8 weeks.


Results [16:15]

are apparent immediately.


Risks [17:45]

of the procedure?


Is there [21:20]

an average price for these procedures?


Are there [23:03]

less invasive options to vaginoplasty?


Dr. Pelosi III can be reached via

The article that was the topic of this interview can be accessed here