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The Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

Wisdom, rants and raves from the best, about the best, and about the rest.

Hosted by Dr. Marco Pelosi III

Sep 5, 2019

Dr Carolyn DeLucia, gynecologist to the Top Housewives of NY and Amazon No.1 best-selling author of Ultimate Intimacy: The Revolutionary Science of Female Sexual Health is on fire.

She is a woman on a personal and professional mission to relieve sexual anguish by combining the latest innovations in regenerative science and technology.

Her journey takes us from the hell of menopause, to the promise of high technology, to The Housewives of New York and concludes with the hopes of a pelvic paradise for women all over the world.




I did not have children [1:00]

to have a nanny raise them


Pain [3:00]

stops women from intimacy and solutions now exist


Getting [4:00]

the word out requires a book


A Google search [5:00]

lead me to best selling book coach Angela Lauria and her company Author Incubator


Zoom [9:00]

was how the team communicated in the development of the book


Four months [10:00] was required to produce the book.


Sex [11:30] felt like a wire brush penetrating


Cindy Barshop [16:00] is not an ordinary person.


The O-Shot [19:00] and Dr Charles Runels in Fairhope, Alabama were the next stop.


I became (20:00]

a teacher for the O-shot travelling the world.


I have personally [22:00] tried all of the procedures that I offer my patients.


The laser [25:35] is the key to lubrication and elasticity.


The O-Shot [25:45] is the best for sensitivity.


Fat transfer [26:00] to the mons and majora provide a comfort cushion.


Carboxytherapy [28:00] is popular and increases local blood flow.


LED therapy [29:45] influences the vaginal flora and might stimulate collagen formation


Hormone therapy [33:45] is a specialty of it’s own.


HIFEM [36:00] High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy devices are the new Kegel exercises.


Knee high [41:00], I knew I would be a doctor.


Dr. Delucia can be reached most easily via her websites and