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The Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

Wisdom, rants and raves from the best, about the best, and about the rest.

Hosted by Dr. Marco Pelosi III

Sep 19, 2019

Pat Ziemer is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Owner of Magna Wave, one of the largest companies in a technology that is being used in animals and humans alike in medicine and sport. He sat down with Dr. Marco Pelosi III to discuss what it is and what it does.

Pat is also a first-class, successful entrepreneur and Dr. MP3 takes us for deep dive into this area as well. Sit back and enjoy this far-ranging discussion.



What [3:15]

is inside the box?


Nikola Tesla [4:15]

started it and later, NASA used it.


How popular [6:45]

is this technology in the industries that you’re involved with?


Racehorses responded [10:00]

and people watching started treating themselves with similar results.


High-powered [12:45]

devices reduce treatment time


PubMed states [14:00]

It has vasodilatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant actions.


Proud flesh [14:00]

aka granulation tissue is controlled in horses.

Approved [16:00]

applications In the medical world fall into several categories.


Professional athletes [19:20]

and teams use this technologies in several ways. Dr. William Pawluk in Baltimore, MD is considered to be the guru of PEMF in America.


Signal penetration [23:24]

through clothing and dressings is excellent and adequate.


Integration [26:10]

with other therapies such as cold laser has worked well.


Reduced battery life [28:23]

of non-rechargeable implanted devices and heat production in small metal implants are the main concerns.


Vijay Singh [31:30]

and small animal vets use it for the same reason.


Prostate [33:20]

conditions have shown anecdotal benefits.


Glioblastomas [35:30]

have been treated with positive results.


You [37:00]

are an entrepreneur


A funeral home [39:00]

family business became an air charter company and 9/11 crippled our business.


Three months [40:00]

later I was introduced to PEMF therapy by a friend at Churchill Downs.


Living in a bus [41:00]

we spent 7 years travelling to every horse show, racetrack and chiropractic show in the country giving treatments and selling machines.


Expensive machines [44:00]

meant I had to increase marketing to ramp up sales and client support. Facebook was getting started and this was the game changer when I realized that 90 percent of my clients were on it.


Video [45:00]

on my phone as soon as that was available was next and wrote books which gave me credibility.


Price stability [46:00]

was the biggest challenge in scaling the business was price stability. It was hard. I had to do plenty of demos. I had state why I was worth it. The people that didn’t do that aren’t here anymore.


Doing it again [48:00}

I would have educated people that I know and understand the science, from the beginning.


Tell me [49:00]

about a few business leaders that you admire.


If Facebook [52:00]

was yours alone, under one condition…


For information about Pat Ziemer's PEMF technology visit