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The Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

Wisdom, rants and raves from the best, about the best, and about the rest.

Hosted by Dr. Marco Pelosi III

Sep 26, 2019

Dr. Ralf Herwig is an Austrian urologist, scientist and cofounder of an innovative pharmaceutical company.

His groundbreaking research goes far beyond Urology.

In fact, it’s impact goes far beyond medicine and has the potential to improve the health and functionality of every human being.

This is not and exaggeration.

​He sat down with Dr. Marco Pelosi III to discuss his work.



You optimize [2:45]
human body for performance without drugs.

The Master Switch [6:15]
for the immune system has been identified.

How [9:18]
did you get involved in this science?

A biochemist [10:42]
and I began working together at the University of Graz 20 years ago.

Simple ingredients [12:30]
can help the body to heal itself more quickly and effectively.

Necessity [13:30]
forced us to produce products out of our research.

Basic science [15:00]
to clinical testing and trials was a 20-year process.

I found [20:40]
tumor cells could be detected inside macrophages in the bloodstream
They laughed [22:00]
when I presented my findings

Oxidative stress [22:45]
and the recovery of free radicals from vitamins was the next area of breakthrough.

Rubbish [24:30]
is converted into energy with our molecule.

Performance [25:40]
levels are enhanced by this process.

Over 200 diseases [26:30]
will improve with reduction of oxidative stress with one agent.

Snake oil [27:50]
didn’t have double-blinded placebo-controlled proof of efficacy like this.

Treatment [28:50]
before and after lung resection surgery for example reduced hospitalization by 1 week vs placebo.

In sports [31:30]
muscle fatigue and 20% enhanced performance were measured like doping without doping.

Treadmill [33:30]
testing of parameters was used on elite athletes.

Skin responds [36:30]
quickly to this agent in cream with rejuvenation effects.

In the vagina [39:00]
the cream has not been tested, but the ingredients are harmless in any dose even when injected intravenously. They are substances that already exist within the body.

Your other [40:20]
research shows that we can increase speed and effectiveness of T cells and macrophages with a Vitamin D – protein complex.

How [42:13]
is this being used in the treatment of autism?

Personal unscientific [45:00]
shows complete elimination of the common cold in 10 hours.

Oral formulations [47:00]
are sufficient, but this agent is not stable in liquid so it comes as a powder that is reconstituted.

Insurance companies [49:00]
view this as experimental and don’t cover this.

One dose [52:00]
per week should show results in 4 weeks in autism if it’s working for the child.

How would [56:30]
one obtain and use your products for surgical patients?

You started [59:45]
a company in Austria.

Dubai [1:07:00]
entered my world as the result of a conference.

Dr. Ralf Herwig can be reached via his website